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Market Pulse December 2019

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Bangladesh being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, witnessed five years average GDP growth of 7.39% at the end of FY19. This marked the 6th consecutive year of accelerated economic growth. The economy grew at a record 8.15% in FY19, achieving the highest GDP growth rate in South Asia for the third year running. Political stability, infrastructure development, and macroeconomic stability contributed greatly towards creating a stable business environment, with no major disruptions to economic activities throughout the year. Growth was driven by the Industry sector, which makes up 31.15% of the economy. The government has set a GDP growth target of 8.20% for FY20. 2019 was a lackluster year for the Bangladesh Stock Market and the market performed poorly throughout the year. Though the benchmark DSEX index did well at the beginning of the year, it started falling gradually and the trend continued till the end. Amid the tough scenario of the economy and market, the year end cover story brings to you the opinions and expectations of different leaders of the economy regarding 2020.