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Market Pulse August 2013

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The Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative of Bangladesh has shown immense growth since 2010 with the formulation of the new PPP strategy “Policy and Strategy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP).” With almost 87% of the countries of the world adopting the PPP model as a financial development tool, Bangladesh is no longer lagging behind in this genre. The strong acceptance and participation from the private sector investors are one of the key reasons behind the model’s strong development in Bangladesh. One statistics show that Bangladesh has been ranked as the 11th most lucrative destination for PPP. Also currently with 34 projects in pipeline worth almost USD 12.573 billion under the new framework of PPP; Bangladesh is putting a step forward in this regard. Md Ashaduzaman Riadh, Farahnaz Zarrin, and Md. Rezwanur Rahman try to highlight the various dimensions of this industry and give prominence to the opinions and recommendations of the industry stakeholders.