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Market Pulse April 2012

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Just fifteen years ago, when it looked like his family was on the brink of collapse, the golden fiber rewove the shattered life of unemployed Jamal. “I was completely scattered then. My house and farming land got washed away in the river and I was puzzled as I was not being able to find any job. As I kept on searching for a job, I reached Ghorashal and landed as a sorter here. I am here since then and till now when I am doing my sorting job, I remember my old memories; I sort jute and jute sorts my life; it’s a win-win game you see!” says the smiling Jamal, now aged 43. Though nowadays termed as a dying sector, Bangladeshi Jute Mills are providing employment to millions of people as well as how many of us knew that the industry is still beaming with pride as it produces one amongst the top quality yarns that the world jute market demands! Won’t it sound surprising to learn that till now entrepreneurs are pouring their investments and effort into this neglected and sometimes termed as a “Cursed or White Elephant” industry! To make a thorough dissection of what’s going on inside the jute arena, this time we focus on Janata Jute Industries Ltd. as a golden representative of the golden fiber of Bangladesh.