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Market Pulse July 2018

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), widely acclaimed as Global Goals, came into effect in January 2016. This has been an inclusive approach towards putting an end to extreme poverty, protecting and ensuring everyone’s peace and prosperity, and mostly to unite both people and the planet to bring a positive change. Prior to SDG, Bangladesh has successfully attained the targets of MDG (Millennium Development Goals), which eventually laid the groundwork to implement the SDGs. While embarking on the journey to implement the SDGs, Bangladesh has translated SDG vision at the highest political level by formulating an actionable Perspective Plan (2010-2021). There are also two Five Year Plans (FYPs) associated with this. The Government has adopted “Whole of Society” approach to ensure wider participation of NGOs, development partners, private sector, and media in the process of formulation of the Action Plan and implementation of the SDGs.