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Market Pulse May 2019

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The National Budget of Bangladesh for the fiscal year 2019-20 (FY20) has been published on June 13, 2019. The government has set GDP growth target at 8.2% for FY20; 40 bps higher than the 7.8% growth target of previous fiscal year. Bangladesh has achieved 8.13% GDP growth this fiscal year (provisional). Our economy ranked fifth in globally fastest growing economies and second fastest growing economy in Asia after India. The budget size is BDT 5231.90 billion which is 18.22% higher than compared to that of the FY19 revised budget and the largest of its history. The budget has revenue target of BDT 3778.10 billion which is 19.33% higher than that of the previous year's revised budget. Projected deficit of the budget is BDT 1453.80 billion which is 5.0% of GDP and 27.8% of the budget. Budget deficit in FY20 is 15.45% higher than the last fiscal year. Government has planned to borrow BDT 473.64 billion or 32.58% of deficit from banking sector which was BDT 420.29 billion or 33.54% of deficit of the FY19 revised budget. Most of the allocations of the proposed budget expenditure is allocated to human resource (education, health and others) which followed the last year’s allocation trend. The total ADP size in the budget is BDT 2,027.21 billion which is 21.4% higher than last year. This ADP is 95.8% of the total development expenditure in the budget.