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Market Pulse December 2023

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n 2023, Bangladesh's economy demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of global challenges, recording a growth rate of 6.03% and outpacing many peers. With its global ranking by the IMF as the 33rd largest economy and second in South Asia, Bangladesh achieved a GDP of $453.85 billion and a GNI per capita of $2,765. Despite adjusting the growth forecast for 2024 to 6.5% from an initial 7.5% due to various uncertainties, including the anticipation of national elections, the government remains optimistic. International bodies like the IMF, World Bank, and ADB have also revised their growth projections, reflecting a cautious outlook amid potential political and economic volatility. Meanwhile, the capital market faced its own set of challenges, highlighted by a significant downturn in new listings and the lowest capital raised in a decade on the Dhaka Stock Exchange, amidst broader economic and political uncertainties. Against this complex economic landscape, industry leaders offer their perspectives on the future prospects of their sectors, providing a nuanced understanding of Bangladesh's economic trajectory and its impact on various industries