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Market Pulse April 2018

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Dairy activities have been an integral part of our civilization since ancient times. Dairy market has its web spread across the whole world as people rear milk animals in almost every country. This sector also helps sustain the farm and rural community worldwide. With an active consumption of dairy products and their proactive function in the global food system, dairy plays a crucial role in the growth of the economies worldwide. Population growth, rising incomes, health consciousness and thriving food and beverage industries are some of the many reasons due to which the multi-billion-dollar global dairy market has been witnessing stable growth for the past many decades. In recent years, however, the market has been impacted due to an imbalance in the demand-supply ratio. Revenues have gone south due to an excess milk production and a sluggish demand in the key import markets such as China. Fortunately, a slow recovery has been forecasted from 2017 onward.