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Market Pulse July 2017

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The global biscuits market is currently highly favorable and is expected to witness an enduring growth. Continual innovation in products is shifting the dynamics of the global market. Variety of flavors, added on newness in taste, packing, shapes and sizes combined is attracting consumers of all age groups. Biscuits are so popular among different age groups and the very popularity of biscuits is supporting the growth of the market. The demand for organic and sugar free biscuits is growing with the growing number of health conscious population. Global biscuits market players are ensuring to be innovative while building up the marketing strategies. This in return, is providing them with a strong consumer base. Consumers are majorly concerned about ingredients and health benefits and hence manufacturers are supplying to their demand. While Europe and North America continues to be the largest manufacturers of the biscuit industry, countries in Asia Pacific represents the fastest growing market for biscuits led by China and India.