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Market Pulse November 2017

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Soft drinks are common preferences among all the individuals in almost every regions of the world. The name "soft drink" especially separates alcohol element from this category and the term "drink" which includes a number of soft drinks like colas, sparkling water, iced tea, lemonade, squash, and fruit juices are among the most common types of soft drinks. Soft drinks are gradually overtaking hot drinks and other beverages as the major drink sector in the world. However the US remains the biggest market at present and Asia seems to be the main driver of sales growth in the future. The increasing population worldwide has a strong impact on the global food supply. Consumers are looking for nutrition labeling and food quality. The consumer oriented advertisement by multinationals coupled with availability of increased varieties of soft drinks concentrate products across the world is driving the growth of soft drinks concentrate market. Many manufacturing companies are now following good manufacturing practices (GMP) to produce safe products and follows legal legislations for specific products. Now-a-days soft drink is a more favourite refreshment drink than tea, coffee and other hard drinks.