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Market Pulse December 2017

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Bangladesh has achieved the highest GDP growth rate in the South Asian region in 2017 and one of the highest GDP growth rates among major economies in the world. Along with that, Bangladesh obtained GDP growth rate of 7.28% for FY17, beating the target of 7.2%. Additionally, the Bangladesh stock market passed a stellar 2017. The index rally that started in November 2016, has lasted over a span of twelve months with a few peaks and troughs in the middle, with overall index moving in the anticipated upward trajectory. The stable economic condition and booming stock market amidst a calm political climate acted as a catalyst in turning 2017 in a fruitful year for the business sectors of the country. Considering the developing economy of the country in background, the year-end cover story brings to you an assortment of corporate leaders, market and economy watchers and academics who have shared there valuable insights on what 2018 has in store for the country.